Off-Grid Cabin Security

Off-Grid Security: Top 6 Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Stay Safe When Living Off-the-Grid

While off-grid living can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs, the off-grid sites like cabins, sheds, log homes and camps are more likely to be the targets of burglars and opportunist thieves.

Below are some simple and inexpensive off-grid security tips to help you stay safe in these remote areas, and also protect your belongings when you’re away from the off-grid properties.

1. Improve the Door Security

One of the TOP off-grid security tips is to secure the door of your cabins, sheds, farm houses, etc. as 34% of burglars enter through the front door.

A deadbolt is a must-have for your off-grid properties to deter the unwanted visitors. Make sure that bolt extends one inch beyond the door itself after you lock the deadbolt. And the bolt hole should also be one inch deep to fully lock into place. It is also better to add a metal door-and-lock reinforcer made from metals for double ensurance.

Cabin Deadbolts

2. Install Off-Grid Security Cameras

It is reported that 60% burglars would avoid homes with a security camera on-site. By putting up surveillance cameras in your off-grid cabins or sheds, you can receive instant alerts when burglars approach your property and keep informed of what’s happening out there.

Don’t worry if your unattended cabins, sheds, barns or vacation home has no power source or WiFi network.

The wire-free security cameras without contract like Reolink Argus 2 require no power outlets and no messy cables. You can also take full advantage of the natural sunlight with the add-on solar panel to offer non-stop juice for the camera.

If you have no power source and no Internet in your site, but want to watch live viewing on your phone, go for the 4G cellular security cameras like Reolink Go.

3. Get a Dog

A dog can not only be your best accompany when you live off-the-grid, but also serve as a good deterrent to secure your off-grid properties against thefts and burglaries.

But note that not all types of dogs can do the trick.

Broadly speaking, a barking dog is better at keeping the bad guys from thinking twice. And certain dog breeds like Bullmastiff and Doberman Pinscher are especially qualified for the role of your home guard.

Yet, you can also train your little dogs to alert you of the presence of an intruder through barking or growling. Some of the typical small breeds that you can train to be guard dogs include Chow Chows, pugs, etc.

Off-Grid Guard Dogs

4. Put up Door and Window Alarms

To better secure all the critical entrances of your off-grid cabins, sheds and farm houses, installing door and window alarms is also a useful security tip for your remote properties.

And here is the best proof: 90% of convicted burglars say they would seek alternative of homes with alarm systems, and if they notice the presence of an alarm, they would quit the original attack plan.

Besides installing door and window alarms to secure your off-grid cabins, sheds, log homes, barns and farms, it also works to put up security alarms signs in the notable places to send a clear message to potential burglars that your property is WELL protected.

5.Create an Inhospitable Landscape

It is always a brilliant idea to think like a burglar and act in advance before you end up being a victim. So ask yourself these questions when you’re considering ways to protect your off-grid cabins, sheds, vacation homes, etc.:

Where would you hide yourself if you want to case this house? Is it possible for you to climb fences or sneak around the windows to have a peek into the inside?

By thinking in this way, you’ll get to know where the weak points of your off-grid properties are and take measures accordingly. For example, you can grow thorny plants like rosebushes, bougainvillea or blackberry vines to leave no place for intruders to shelter.

And also remember to trim the bushes or tress regularly so that you can easily identify the outside threat before it approaches.

Shed Fences

6. Never Disclose Too Much on Social Media

Another important off-grid security tip you should bear in mind is that, never post too much private information on your social media, such as your geographical location and vacation plans.

Some people up to no good might seek opportunities to case your off-grid cabins, sheds, vacation homes or farms and break into your properties when you’re away.

And There Is More You Can Do …

On top of the 6 off-gird security tips mentioned above, there are also other feasible ways for you to protect your remote cabins, sheds, barns, farms, log home,etc.

· Get to know your neighbors and ask them to watch out for your properties when you’re away

· Put up curtains or blinds for your windows to avoid your property in plain view

· Install smart home lights to turn them on remotely at night (indicting the house is occupied)

· Build fences or barriers to prevent unwanted visitors approaching your off-grid properties

· Don’t leave valuables in your unattended off-grid cabins or sheds if you leave for a long period

So have you suffered from a break-in or theft in your off-grid cabins, sheds, log homes or farmhouses? Do you have any other good off-grid security tips? Share your ideas in the comment down below!

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