Off-Grid Internet: Top 3 Options to Get Internet Access Off-Grid in 2019

Off-Grid Internet: Top 3 Options to Get Internet Access Off-Grid in 2019

Off-grid Internet? Does it defeat the purpose of being off-grid?

I was once the kind of off-gridder living without the Internet and it just makes me so happy to enjoy nature, the silence, and solitude.

However, there are times when some form of “other” entertainment is needed or wanted, and you need to keep informed of the emergency information.

So how to get Internet off-grid?

Below are the 3 most popular off-grid Internet options you may consider for a realiable Internet connection.

Off Grid Wireless Internet

If you are looking for a wireless off-grid Internet solution, check out the 3G and 4G hotspot devices. These portable wireless Internet hubs tap into 3G or 4G cellular networks to share data with nearby laptops, tablets, and other devices via WiFi.

There are various models on the market to meet your diverse needs for the off-grid Internet. Some are designed especially for laptops and tablets which are very helpful for those who need to work from home.

For example, the Techkey Wireless USB Adapter works with a wireless broadband card and operates off cell phone antennas to provide off-the grid Internet for the connected desktop, laptop or PC without interference.

And the standalone mobile Wi-Fi hotspots can provide off-grid Internet for any devices linked to it wirelessly. They operate on batteries and can typically support over 10 hours of non-stop using.

Personally, I’m using the GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot as I traveled a lot in my RV. It provides me with the RV Internet with data available not only on the rural and wildness areas but also across the states even countries.

Well if you don’t need to travel often, the KuWFi 4G LTE Unlocked Hotspot might provide the best value at price well under $100.

Important Note: Make sure you get a cell service before going with this off-grid wireless Internet solution. That’s to say, if you’re deep in the woods with no cellular signal, this off-grid Internet method will not work for you.

Off Grid Cell Phone Internet

The easiest way for off-grid Internet is to set up a cellphone connection. You can use your cell phone as a wireless router to provide internet access to your laptop, tablet, and other WiFi devices by simply enabling the Wi-Fi hotspot feature built in with the software.

The off-grid cell phone Internet is available on the major cell phone carriers. Here are the details for the hotspot cost for 2019: AT&TVerizonT-MobileSprint and U.S. Cellular.

And similarly, some smart appliances can produce off grid Internet services by itself. For example, the 4G LTE Security Camera. Just insert a SIM card and open a data plan for it, the camera will start working without WiFi and electricity.

I never knew such things existed until my friend suggested it to me to watch my chickens. And it worked so well. I can now keep an eye on the chickens on my phone even without Internet!

Note: The key to getting off-grid Internet with your cell phone is opening an unlimited data plan that won’t restrict your internet usage. Also make sure you choose a cell phone service provider that has good coverage for a more reliable network connection.

Off Grid Internet Options

Off-Grid Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet (also known as Internet over Satellite or IoS) is one of the most reliable off grid Internet ideas. As the name implies, it relies on a satellite to transmit data back and forth.

The biggest advantage of the remote off-grid satellite Internet is that it’s more accessible (even without a cell tower) and can hardly be affected by the problems on Earth. Basically, anyone can enjoy high-speed Internet virtually anywhere as long as a satellite dish can be placed with an unobstructed line of sight.

And the cost of this kind of off-grid Internet can range anywhere from $50 to $350 monthly, depending on the companies, speed, and data plan. Some popular off-grid Internet providers include HughesNet, Viasat, EarthLink, Dish, Telecommunications Commission site (Canada off-grid Internet provider).

Compare the off-grid Internet monthly fees and equipment fees available in your area, and pay special attention to the promotions. You can often save your installation fees or satellite dish cost from some more competitive off-grid Internet providers.

Off-Grid Satellite Internet
Off-Grid Satellite Internet

More Off-Grid Internet Options

The above listed are the 3 most popular off-grid Internet options, and there are more off-grid Internet solutions available to suit your more specific needs.

For example, the Amateur Radio (or Ham Radio) allows you to communicate from the top of a mountain or your off-grid cabin without relying on the Internet or a cell phone network, which could be very useful during emergency situations.

If there is a microwave off grid Internet tower available in your area, you can also pay a monthly fee and buy the equipment to connect to that tower for off-the-grid Internet connection. But make sure you are within the coverage of the microwave tower. Or you may just drive into the town and head to the nearest coffee shop or library for free WiFi connection.

What’s Your Choice

Being off grid doesn’t have to mean not being connected to the world, music, news, even talk radio. The off-grid Internet and everything behind it can be a great mood enhancer when you are alone for long stretches.

What’s your desired plan for off-grid Internet? How do you deal with the off-grid Internet challenge? You are very welcome to share with us your ideas in the comment area. I’d be more than glad to know your thoughts 😉

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